Martin BRIARD the first known grower

In 1714 was born M. Martin Briard in Meuse who was the first known grapes grower of the family.


Louis BRIARD the distiller

In 1803 was born Louis BRIARD, the alcohol distiler, son of M. Martin Briard


Celebrating the first harvest

It's in 2008 that we have celebrated our first harvest with wonderful grapes.


M. Maurice Romelot

More than a century ago, from the determination of one man, our Champagne house was created. This man was my grandfather, Maurice Romelot. Thus, in the heart of the Marne Valley, this pioneer planted a vineyard that would produce marvellous Pinots.

Over the years, these grapes would bring out the blends, resulting in a unique Champagne. A characterful wine, structured and balanced, and two generations later it has kept its prowess and acquired its reputation.


All goes fine

2020 is the 3rd year of a series of 3 consecutive wonderful years that promise us three incredible vintages. You just have to be patient !