2nd Great wine in Champagne, power category

Ambre 2005, has been recently nominated as a 2nd Great Wine in Champagne, power category, by M. Dussert-Gerber French wine famous critic.

Elected as a second great wine in Champagne, power category
Elected as a second great wine in Champagne, power category

M. Dussert-Gerber defines the second great wines of Champagne as “the category that provide this year the most of surprises”. By itself, this category is a real hierarchy, and many producers will evolve according to the latest wines tasted. Alongside some “big” wines or historic brands who manage to maintain the highest level of quality, there is lesser known wines, thanks to the consistent quality and exceptional value/pleasure ratio they provide. And other richly deserve their place with an exceptional value for money ratio, even if we know also respect the internal hierarchy of the class, moving regularly. In any case, we note that some areas whose fame did not exist a few decades ago, manage , each in its class, to win letters of Nobility and become irrecoverable.

Ambre 2005 was created by Champagne Christian Briard to exhaust all the best of the Marne Valley river 2005 grapes. A really special year, dry and hot with noticeable contrasts: cold periods during winter and during ripening, heavy rain sequences after the start of the flower; spring and summer were globally really hot with heavy rain again in July (two times more than normal). August was surprising alternating cold and sweet humid times just before the harvest, then wind turn north, the nights becomes cold and days sunny.

With such conditions, who can predict at that time, that 2005 will be an incredible vintage year in the Marne Valley?

Harvest was started globally slowly even if rain and a warm climate during the berry setting step is critic, bringing the grapes to a maximum weight. A grapes selection during the harvest was needed to allow us to select the best ones. This brings a relative lost of 10% of the global tonnage.

In our cellars, this wine have being aged for near eight years. Height years to be patient and attentive on how age the wine.
Final result is that it will take your breath away. Designed in an elegant Symphony shaped bottle, this is an really elegant champagne; one to be enjoyed on those very special moments.

The blends are made from the best Pinot Meuniers (66%), Pinots Noirs (14%) and Chardonnay (20%).
The cave Chief M. Philippe Dupuis made it as an extremely redefined wine, structured rich and complex material. In the middle of mouth, the content is definitively massive and in constant evolution going to a perfect balance. This wonderful vintage will let you out of breath. Savour this exceptional Champagne in great moments. This is a promising wine that can be still ageing for many years.

The colour is a rich and intensively gold. The nose reveals an intricate array of aromas marrying fresh flowers and yellow fruits. On the palate the sensation is both soft and invigorating with wonderful depth and complexity. Great maturity yet still vibrant.

A wine with a deep gold, both large and dense, where the aromatic complexity compete in an elegant register. The nose reveals fresh flowers aromas and beautiful yellow fruits such as apricot. Both sweet and tonic, the palate is complex and profound. The mouth offers an exemplary maturity, with no sign of tiredness. It has being perfectly describe by M. Michiel Demarray, Champagne critic for

Pair this beautiful vintage with:
– Scallop mousse with green tea
– Hazelnut shortbread with Saint Jacques
– Sweetbread samosas with citrus
– Creole chicken supreme with salpicon pineapple
– Swiss chard tart with pecan nuts
– Sweetbread spring rolls with liquorice

Our Champagnes are typically blended with a majority of Pinot grapes for a strong but balanced and well structured wine. Elegant and refined you will become immediately charmed. We insure your five senses will be fulfilled with our products Each vineyard is processed separately to allow an absolute precision in the final blend result for each Champagne.

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