Ratafia champenois, 70cl.

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Ratafia champenois is a mistel. A very beautiful ratafia and a very rare product.

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IGP Ratafia Champenois




Pinot noir
Pinot Meunier


Non Vintage based on 2009 harvest


700 ml


1 Bottle, 3 Bottles, 6 Bottles, 12 bottles

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The Ratafia was originally a way of preserving the press juice at the bottom, by adding alcohol. It is actually a mistelle, : an extraordinarily simple mixture of final pressing (white juice from the end of the Champagne press) with alcohol from the distillations realised with the distiller used for the cru du village a few weeks prior to harvesting. On your behalf, we have revisited and improved this ancient recipe (while remaining well within the rules of the Protected Geographical Location label, which has just been attributed to us), by first replacing the bottom pressing juice with the Cuvée (the cuvée being the best juice separated from the press, which is reserved for the vintages from our best years). This major change will provide richness of flavour and fragrance to this unusual aperitif. We undertook to replace the alcohol with a local brandy; : La Fine de la Marne, which we produce by means of the distillation of Champagne wines. This brandy will bring all of its perfume and power, with a view to embellishing this very fine product.Try it, slightly chilled, with you foie gras or as an aperitif with friends, by the fireside, or underneath a parasol this summer!

An IGP Ratafia Champenois, Traditional blend of Fresh grapes pressed juice with 20% of Fine de la Marne alcohol, elaborated in still tank. Ready to be drink.

Sweet dessert.


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